Aileen with her daughter/muse Grace. Central Park NYC.

Aileen with her daughter/muse Grace. Central Park NYC.

Aileen Marr

Aileen Marr likes to work with narratives. Whether they are from an iconic film, telling a story, expressing a mood through the photography or a model who inspires a character.  There is usually an underlying visual thread woven through the styling direction of the clothes. Aileen style always has a certain polish and ease.

My job is to bring the photographer, model, creative team and fashion content to create a sum that's better than the parts. Artistic direction starts with the fashion director, but the outcome a collaboration among individuals who share the same vision.

Aileen's years of experience in publishing include working for great magazines like American Vogue, Teen Vogue and US Glamour. In Australia she has worked for Cleo, Marie Claire and L'Officiel Australia.

Currently she is Fashion Director of GRAZIA, Australia which publishes online and in print form.

Making the transfer to digital is a natural progression. The styling hasn't changed but the pace has excelled. The goal is to create stories which still having a lasting impression, even after the viewer has moved on.